How Fringe Brisbane works for venues

The Fringe. Reimagined.

We are reimagining the fringe to make it a better experience for you, for your events and for audiences.

Read on to discover what that means, how it all works and why we'd like you to work with us in the Fringe Brisbane #fringebrisbane.

But first, if you are just looking for the quick link to register, head to eventotron. For resource links, instructions on how to register an event and important dates, check out this page for dates and guides.

A Day By Day Guide

Historians might love the traditional alphabetised fringe festival program but we want something that makes it easy for audiences to know what to see when. That's why we are reimagining the print and online program as a day by day guide as a slightly trimmed A4 size program format.

Each two or four page spread will list the bare basics in time order and alphabetic order along with program listings the six you want.

Set days of the festival

Fringe Brisbane runs 14 October - 6 November. The days are Friday 14 October - Sunday 16 October followed by Thursday to Sunday 20-23 October, 27-30 October, 3-6 November.

A Limited Size Program

It is first come best dressed combining the open acces element of the big festivals so that anyone can apply, while ensuring focus and a festival that works for artists, venues and audiences.

Be featured in the print program how you want

We've reimagine the program listing so you as a venue can be featured in the program along with shows with a choice of different feature spaces. You can also pay in instalments spread over four months.

Grab all the details from the Features Costs and Services info doc in the Resources section of this page.

More than one feature

You can be featured more than once on different days. With pricing below other print ad publications, you could have two feature tiles on different days of the program for less than it costs to register with many festivals. There is no registration amount with Fringe Brisbane.

Search for and be found by artists

After speaking to venues, they asked why they have to wait for artists to approach them - why can't they approach artists? We agree and that's why we've reimagined the system so you can search artist and events using a range of filters and can contact direct within get Fringe Brisbane system.

Venue as producer

If you have events you want to register for fringe, whether they are regular ongoing events or special events for Fringe Brisbane, you can do this.

Just head to Eventotron and register an event and attach it to your space (or create it as a BYO space that others can't see).

See what is confirmed as you are programming

As events are confirmed, all registered artists and events will be able to see. This gives you the agency to make decisions about your show, the timing, pricing instead of being surprised when the program is released and you discover you are running a dance focussed night at the same time as another venue. We believe this is a first for a fringe festival.


All Fringe Brisbane shows are to be ticketed through the Fringe Brisbane system. If you have an existing contract with a ticketing provider, please talk with us first before confirming availability as it may not be possible to be a Fringe Brisbane venue.

Marketing and producing services

We've created ways that allow you to target specific audiences directly on the Fringe Brisbane web site with options around genre and key word searches that highlight your event and highly target the audiences you want who are there and ready to discover your show on the Fringe Brisbane program.

Grab all the details from the Features Costs and Services info doc in the Resources section of this page.

Resources and key links

3 June | Register and set up your spaces

Register now using

Eventotron and apply to Fringe Brisbane

Put in details about each space you have available in your venue so that events can search for it and you can point them to your event. The Resources section of the page has a guide to registering events using Eventotron.

17 June | Artists and events add their details

You can start searching up artists you want and artists can search up you in Eventotron.

Fringe Brisbane is limiting the number of acts, so first in best dressed with a set number of feature, highlight, "watch our for" and basic listed events.

24 June | Deadline for artist to contact key hubs

Artists have a week to contact hub spaces

1 July | Deadline for hub venues to confirm events

All the events that contacted a venue through Eventron will be confirmed. Those not offered their slot can then go to other hubs that may have spaces, at other standalone venues or bring their own venue.

22 July | Confirm Partnership

Deadline for venue and artist partners to confirm level of involvement in Fringe Brisbane including the ability to select how you are featured in the print and online festival program. The program is structured to allow for feature events and feature venues.

EXTENSION!!! Date to confirm extended one week to midnight Friday 22 July

Mid August | Program Launch.

After the print program there are options for targeted and planned marketing through our eNews, web site and socials

14 Oct - 6 Nov | Fringe Brisbane